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Program Analysis for Vulnerability Research (5-Day course)

Program Analysis for Vulnerability Research (5-Day course)

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Want to be better at finding vulnerabilities? Want to automate common discovery patterns and build tooling to make you better at your job?  

This five-day course trains students to do sophisticated program analysis using Binary Ninja and the Binary Ninja Python API for the purpose of vulnerability research with the goal of improving auditing processes, improving ability to identify interesting code paths, and encoding bug primitives.

You'll learn from Jordan and Sophia, world-class experts from Margin RE and Vector 35

  • DATES: April 25 - April 29
  • TIMES: Dependent on time-zones of students. 4hr window with majority of students available will be selected for live-segments. Video recordings for live discussion will be available immediately following each live section, and exercise work will be completed online through chat follow up before and after each live segment.
  • SYLLABUS: https://margin.re/trainings/article.aspx?id=6
  • LOCATION: Online-only
    (We may announce an in-person option that students may switch to at a later date.)
  • COST: $5000 before March 24, $5750 after March 25
    • You must be familiar with basic vulnerability classes such as stack-based buffer overflows, type confusion, sign extension vulnerabilities, etc.
    • Basic to intermediate Python experience highly recommended. (Python 3.8+ used in exercises)
    • Note that a non-commercial training license of Binary Ninja is included with the cost of the course, however a commercial-license if available does enhance some exercises.
    • A virtual machine running Ubuntu 20.04 or an OS which can run Binary Ninja  (Supported Platforms