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Novice to Ninja (4-Day course)

Novice to Ninja (4-Day course)

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All great Ninjas start from humble beginnings. This course is intended for anyone just starting on their reverse engineering journey. It covers all of the basics required for more specialized applications of reversing like malware analysis, vulnerability research, and program analysis. From processors and assembly languages, to memory addressing and layout, to compilers and common language features, this class starts from ground zero and covers everything you need to go from Novice to Ninja.

  • DATES: April 22-25, 2024
  • TIMES: 9am-5pm ET
  • PRICE: $4,800.00
  • SYLLABUS: Here
  • LOCATION: You can attend either Online or In-Person (Greater DC Area)
    • Familiarity with Python and C would be helpful, but not required.
    • You must understand variables, if/while/for/etc logic, numbers in different bases, truth tables, and similar fundamental computing concepts.
    • Note that a non-commercial training license of Binary Ninja is included with the cost of the course
    • Most of the provided binaries are Linux-based, so students my wish to have a VM in which to run them.
    • A laptop which can run Binary Ninja (Supported Platforms