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Pwn Adventure Z Cartridge

Pwn Adventure Z Cartridge

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Want to own a physical cartridge of the first NES game that you were supposed to hack? Now you can! 

PwnAdventureZ is open source so you're welcome to go buy the components yourself from InfiniteNesLives. You'll need a programmer, an SNROM cart (256kb PRG-ROM with battery), and a case. If you'd like to support us by buying a cartridge directly from us you'll get a few bonuses including some sweet original artwork on a custom label and a dust sleeve. 

Please let us know if you'd like a particular version of the game flashed on your cartridge in the order notes. Versions include: CSAW (without keys), CSAW (with keys), and the AGDQ speedrun edition. By default we will flash it with the original CSAW edition including keys.