Front cover of the Binary Ninja branded Shinola Ruled Notebook

Ninja Diary

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You certainly don't have to keep track of a list of all of the binaries you've analyzed with Binary Ninja using these sleek notebooks, but it couldn't hurt. It's fine if you just put your boring grocery lists in it, really. Seriously, our feelings aren't hurt if you just write down boring meeting notes instead of bespoke hand-drawn diagramsĀ on the internals of your favorite kernel driver. We're fine, really... šŸ˜­

Sorry, where were we? These high-quality hard linen textured notebooks are made by the fine folks at Shinola and while we would never say anything ill about a certain brandĀ using the skin of a small subterranean mammal, we think you'll agree these notebooks are great.


  • Lovely textured surface for honing blades (not really)
  • Elastic band to keep closed during sneaky movements (really)
  • Built-in bookmark (use in conjunction with the band for even greater versatility)Ā 
  • Back-pocket for valuable, thin, belongings (we'll pre-load yours with two stickers to get you started)


  • DIMENSIONS: 5.25" x 8.25" | 13cm x 21cm
  • PAGES: 192

NOTE: Cube shown for scale, not included with purchase. (But if you want to talk speed-cubing, Jordan would be happy to hear from you in the public slack.)